Optimized for Healing™

RBI's regenerative therapies are optimized to help patients heal in the best way possible. There are significant differences in the way clinics produce stem cells and platelets. Our protocols have been developed by RBI's stem cell scientists over many years to provide patients with the most viable and potent stem cell therapy possible. 

DON'T BE FOOLED! Birth tissue products such as umbilical therapies are Growth Factor Therapies NOT Stem Cell Therapies. RBI is one of only a few clinics that combines actual living stem cells with growth factor therapies.

Former All-Pro NFL Running Back Chose RBI to Treat His Pain


Eddie George, seeking relief for chronic knee pain, traveled to RBI for a non-invasive stem cell therapy procedure

Eddie George said he learned about the stem cell therapy from other athletes, such as former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant, who previously tried it. He researched providers for the procedure and discovered the institute in Vero Beach whose team is highly experienced in the field. 

NFL Player Becomes Pain Free After RBI's Stem Cell Therapy

Check out this great testimonial video of Heisman Trophy Winner and former NFL Player Eddie George after receiving Stem Cell Therapy in Vero Beach, Florida

Stem Cell Therapy


Repairing the Body a More Natural Way with Non-Surgical Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative Medicine is one of the most exciting areas of healthcare today.  The field has been recognized worldwide as one that offers the potential to dramatically impact patient care in the 21st century. 

Stem cells are the body’s natural repair cells from which all other cells are derived.  Research has shown that stem cells can regenerate and heal injured tissue, decrease inflammation, activate resident cells, protect injured cells from death and create a scaffold to support healing.  

As we age our response to injury and repair declines.  This decline lends to inflammation, scar tissue formation and limited regenerative capability in tissue exposed to stress and trauma.  With advances in stem cell science, the team at RBI can now isolate a large pool of stem cells from a patient’s own tissue sample, concentrate them and then put them into an area of need, such as an injured or arthritic joint.  This procedure increases the number of cells in the affected area to help create a regenerative environment and stimulate healing and repair...naturally.

Experience the RBI  Difference:

  • Team with over 15 years experience in the stem cell field
  • 5th generation stem cell isolation protocols that have been optimized for healing based on many years of experience processing cells
  • RBI's process has been validated by a cGMP stem cell manufacturing laboratory
  • Medical staff that is highly trained on precise injection techniques
  • State-of-the-art facility that has a dedicated biologics laboratory
  • Utilizes advanced image guidance technology including ultrasound and fluoroscopy for precise delivery of therapeutics into the joints and spine

The Most Viable & Potent Stem Cell Therapy Possible

At RBI, we’ve studied and researched everything that can affect stem cell viability and functionality. As experienced stem cell scientists, we do everything necessary to maintain the highest viability and functionality of the stem cells from start to finish in order to maximize the regenerative potential for patients. We also add a considerable amount of growth factors to enhance their regenerative potential even more. All of this plus a quick turnaround time provides for the best Regenerative Therapy leading to better, more consistent and longer term clinical results. 

Regenerative Therapies

TruGenta™ Stem Cell Therapy


TruGenta™ is a composition of highly concentrated regenerative stem cells, platelets and bioative growth factors. It is freshly isolated from a patients own body in a minimally invasive procedure and can be done in one clinic visit in less than two hours. Since TruGenta™ is never frozen, it offers a large number of viable, functional stem cells and platelets.

Bone Marrow Stem Cells


The bone marrow contains a variety of stem cells and is harvested by a needle aspiration into the inside of a patient's bone. Bone marrow procedures can also be done as a same day procedure in one clinic visit. Bone marrow stem cells have been used to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Umbilical/Amniotic Therapies


These products do not contain living stem cells. These products are dehydrated, sterilized, frozen and then shipped to clinics so very few cells survive by the time they get to patients. They do however contain growth factors which may stimulate healing for some orthopedic conditions.

Which Therapy is Best for You?

RBI's team has worked with many stem cell types over the past 15 years. Schedule a no cost consultation with our experts to determine which regenerative therapy might be best suited for your particular condition and give you the best chance for long term results.

Conditions Treated


Specializing in Regenerative & Functional Medicine

At RBI, we only treat patients with minimally invasive regenerative therapies that maximize long term regenerative effects.  We treat a number of conditions using our proprietary techniques which produce the highest quality therapies. Recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of stem cell therapy in managing numerous conditions including arthritis, soft tissue injuries and more.  While some tissues heal well after injury, other tissues such as cartilage, heal poorly. Studies have demonstrated that stem cells can stimulate healing in areas that normally do not heal well or respond to traditional treatments.  


Therapies Tailored for Each Patient

Our team of experts have worked over many years to develop advanced therapies and treatment protocols.  Our treatment plans are tailored to the individual patient and are developed based on the severity of the condition or injury.  RBI treats orthopedic conditions and injuries in the knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, feet, hips, and the back/spine.  


Are You a Candidate? Contact Us to Learn More About How RBI Can Treat the Following Conditions:

Arthritis in All Joints

Bone-on-Bone Arthritis

Ligament Tears

Meniscus Tears


Torn Rotator Cuffs

Joint Pain & Injuries


Patellar Tendonitis

Avascular Necrosis

Plantar Fasciitis

Degenerative Disc Disease

And More