Stem Cell Therapy

Repairing the Body a More Natural Way with Non-Surgical Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative Medicine is one of the most exciting areas of healthcare today.  The field has been recognized worldwide as one that offers the potential to dramatically impact patient care in the 21st century. 

Stem cells are the body’s natural repair cells from which all other cells are derived.  According to recent research, stem cells can regenerate and heal injured tissue, decrease inflammation, activate resident cells, protect injured cells from death and create a scaffold to support healing.  

As we age, the amount of stem cells we have available declines, therefore our response to injury and repair declines.  This decline lends to inflammation, scar tissue formation and limited regenerative capability in tissue exposed to stress and trauma.  With advances in stem cell science, the team at RBI can now isolate a large pool of stem cells from a patient’s own tissue sample, concentrate them and then put them into an area of need, such as an injured or arthritic joint.  This procedure increases the number of cells in the affected area to help create a regenerative environment and stimulate healing and repair...naturally.

Experience the RBI  Difference:

  • Team with nearly 15 years experience in the stem cell field!
  • 5th generation stem cell isolation protocols that have been optimized for healing based on many years of experience processing cells!
  • RBI's process has been validated by a cGMP stem cell manufacturing laboratory!
  • Medical staff that is highly trained on precise injection techniques!
  • State-of-the-art facility that has a dedicated biologics laboratory!
  • Utilizes advanced image guidance technology for precise delivery of therapeutics into certain areas such as the spine!

Get Back to The Activities You Love Quickly!

Non-Surgical, Same-Day Regenerative Therapy

RBI's Stem Cell Treatment is done as an outpatient service and completed in just a couple hours so patients can return home the very same day and get back to their active lifestyle quickly!

"I am an active person that is involved in all kinds of fitness activities. My shoulder was losing flexibility and was causing excruciating pain. My chiropractor suggested I look into stem cell treatments and I am so glad he did.  The stem cell procedure was a walk in the park...I was in and out of the clinic in only a couple hours. My shoulder was much better in just a few days and I am back to doing pushups, swimming and other activities without pain. I have already recommended the stem cell treatment to other family members and friends.”   – Don, Stem Cell Patient

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